1:1 in person animal healing and connection work "The healing bond" with Emma


There has come a time when you recognize your animal may need a supportive energetic healing space whilst going through a particular stressful time or illness. You also may be questioning the connection you have with your animal or feel called to explore and gain a deeper connection with your animal. 

Welcome to Centred Within, where we allow the Intuitive Messages from your animal to flow...


 My connection with animals is a sacred tool allowing me to gain an understanding in what they are trying to tell us.

My animal healing and connection work is bespoke because of the many variant's involved. Like us animals go through times in their lives when they need that extra support.

As the owner you may question yourself "am I doing the right thing". The connection you have is far greater than you realize.

Of course there are times when we do have to go to the vets, they are highly skilled with a wealth of knowledge. However, there are times we can do so much ourselves we have just lost faith in our connection.

I am passionate about sharing my tools so that you can take them if you decide to and use them. Taking away a greater understanding and confidence you have in the connection with yourself and your animal.


Is Animal Healing and Connection work right for you?


I work remotely using the energy and my connection with you and your animal. However, I wanted to offer something very special to those who wanted to take this work to the next level.

I am offering to work with you and your animal in-person 1:1. This work is very powerful because I am with you. This work will bring in big shifts and deep level of healing for the both of you.

You have access to me like no other. 

Throughout the time working together I am connected with you and your animals, although from experience once you have committed your animal senses this and work can often begin before the start date. For example it is not uncommon for animals to join me energetically on my walks or when I am in mediation. They appear to sense the healing modality I am using for myself and decide to join and take what they need.

The tools I use I will share with you because you may want to use it with your animal in the future or add it into your routine you have together.

Your animal has come into your life for a purpose and they are very good at mirroring and holding energy for you. Therefore, do not be surprised if you find this program a healing tool for you as well.


5 days in person Animal Healing and Connection


  • I will either come to your home or location that meets the needs for you and your animal
  • Your 1:1 program will be individually tailored to meet you and your animals needs
  • After the 5 days in person work you will receive two weeks follow up support via telephone and text





My name is Emma Allen and I am a qualified Intuitive Healer and Life Purpose Activator. My gifts involve working with people and animals. I am also Supervisor & Mentor for students at Reality Awareness, who are studying the qualification to become an Intuitive Healer and Life Purpose Activator.

My wealth of experience working with and training animals including owning many on the way, coupled with the sacred connection I have with all animals is something very special.

For example my time living in Norway for four months to work with a musher, his team and 40 huskies was one of most pivotal experiences I have had with animals. My role was to help train these huskies ready for the winter races. Coupled with working with the puppies to socialize them into life of the pack dog mentality and getting them ready pursue a life of a sledge dog.  

I am here because of the deep healing journey I have been through myself, working on deep set trauma and grief.

I truly understand what it is like to walk through that dark tunnel where you believe there is no way out.  

There came a point in my healing journey where keeping everything I had learnt and the evolving natural gifts to myself was pointless. I realized because I committed to and still do to a healing journey I was in a position to give back to humanity and the animals therefore the natural progression was to establish my growing business Centred Within.

Welcome to my Home.