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The place where humanity and animals are supported through intuitive healing.


Whilst gaining a greater understanding, depth and expansion of connection to yourself and your animal.


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My name is Emma Allen and I am a qualified Intuitive Healer and Life Purpose Activator.
My gifts involve working with people and animals. I am also Supervisor & Mentor for students at Reality Awareness, who are studying the qualification to become an Intuitive Healer and Life Purpose Activator.
I am here because of the deep healing journey I have been through myself, working on deep set trauma and grief.
I truly understand what it is like to walk through that dark tunnel where you believe there is no way out. My wealth of experience working with and training animals including owning many on the way, coupled with the sacred connection I have with all animals is something very special. 
For example my time living in Norway for four months to work with a musher, his team and 40 huskies was one of most pivotal experiences I have had with animals. My role was to help train these huskies ready for the winter races. Coupled with working with the puppies to socialize them into life of the pack dog mentality and getting them ready pursue a life of a sledge dog.  
There came a point in my healing journey where keeping everything I had learnt and the evolving natural gifts to myself was pointless. I realized because I committed to and still do to a healing journey I was in a position to give back to humanity and the animals therefore the natural progression was to establish my growing business Centred Within.
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